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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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now kids from three different elementary schools at locations across the bay area all got sick together. an apology and new promises from an egyptian leader. we take you live to egypt this morning as more gunfire and violence erupts in the capital overnight. plus the major step by cal train today that could lead to drastic service cuts. that's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news.
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good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's thursday february 3rd. i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson for a little weather this morning. hi, pam. mostly clear skies. few high clouds, patchy fog. another cold morning. we've lost the wind at least at the surface. temperatures in the 30s and 40s will end up with sunshine but because we're starting so much colder than yesterday highs today will be slightly cooler. but still lots of sunshine low to mid-60s. now here's sal. steve, right now traffic is moving well on highway 4 westbound getting up to the willow pass grade with no major problems. also if you're driving on interstate 880 here in oakland so far so good with the traffic light. 4:31. let's go back to pam. we're following overnight news involving more than 56 sick bay area school kids. last night they were sent home after becoming ill at an outdoor education camp in a remote area of marin county. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now from novato where some of those kids go to school.
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good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. in fact i talked to the principal earlier this morning. he tells me the airports of the students there are coming to get their kids whether they're sick or not. one of three students at walker creek ranch just a few miles west of here. no telling how many fifth graders from this school are actually sick, but according to the principal at the camp, most are already on their way home. again, just talked to the principal at walker creek camp in west marin county this morning. he told me the kids began getting sick yesterday afternoon. the ranch has been operating since 1963 as an outdoor residential science camp. the principal says it's not unusual for a bunch of fifth and sixth graders sleeping and eating together to pass a virus, but then the number of sick children, chaperons and staff members started to grow. that and the symptoms forced the school officials to call paramedics. >> we had what we believe was probably some kind of viral flu bug where students were getting sick to their stomach.
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and mainly vomiting, maybe a little bit of diarrhea. >> reporter: none of the kids already staff members were transported to the hospital. grant says 56 people are now sick. most are students. parents are in the process of picking up children. students are among those who are sick the principal says they haven't pinpointed the cause but seven of the first eleven of those who did get sick were all staying in the same cabin. the big question remains, how did the kids get sick and what are they sick with? live in novato, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. all placerville district schools will be closed today following the deadly shooting of an elementary school principal right on campus. the 50-year-old was shot and killed yesterday morning in his office at louisiana is this fell elementary school in placerville which is about 50 miles outside sacramento along highway 50. now the suspected gunman is a janitor who worked at the
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school. classes were in session at the time of the attack. investigators say one student may have even witnessed that shooting. the school was quickly put on lockdown and students were moved to the county fairgrounds where they were released to their parents. >> it's hard to explain why it happened to my child when i don't know why it happened. >> the family released this photo and a statement saying he loved his job and that the children meant the world to him. grief counselors will be on campus for students once school resumes tomorrow. the suspected gunman 44- year-old has fled to his home after the shooting. he was arrested about an hour later by deputies who surrounded the property. the motive behind the shooting is still unclear, but investigators are looking into whether he may have been recently laid off from his job at the school. we now know what killed 4-
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year-old juliani car duennas. he died from drowning. his body was discovered in the canal on tuesday. investigators say his mother's ex-boyfriend, jose rodriguez, kidnapped him two weeks ago. it's believed the suspect also died in the canal but his body has not been recovered. well, just about an hour ago egypt's prime minister appeared on state tv and apologized for the ongoing attacks by supporters of the president on anti-government protesters. now we want to take you to cairo this morning to take a look at the scene now. overnight gunfire rang out. these are live pictures as you can see. a lot of people underneath that roadway a lot of people present there this morning. gunfire rang out over the square where the anti- government demonstrations have been held there.
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this morning pro-government demonstrators overpowered the military guarding an overpass there and once again began throwing rocks. the prime minister vowed to investigate who is behind the attacks. at least three people have been killed in the violence and hundreds have been injured. [ indiscernible ] take a look at this. several television crews reported being attacked by the pro-government forces. csn ease anderson cooper says he and his crew were hit or punched and that the demonstrators tried to pull the clothes off a female producer. everyone did make it to safety. this morning there are reports that the egyptian military is rounding up and detaining foreign journalists possibly for their own protection. back here at home, state regulators have ordered pg&e to reduce pressure on four gas pipelines. all four pipelines are buried under heavily populated areas. two run between san jose and
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millepede us. the third is in santa cruz county. the fourth runs from manty coo to modesto. the order came after the puc discovered illegal pressure levels. it's all part of its investigation into last september's pipeline disaster in san bruno. today cal train takes a step toward declaring a financial crisis and the move could lead to drastic cuts. cal train is facing a $30 million deficit. at a meeting today the board of directors will call for a public hearing to declare a fiscal emergency. they will also call for a hearing to discuss proposed service reductions that could help close that budget gap. time now is 4:37. i want to go over to sal to check in on the early morning commute. good morning, sal. pam, good morning to you. we're doing pretty well right now. as a matter of fact going to show you some pictures here. going to say that traffic is better -- or conditions for driving are better than they were yesterday. as a matter of fact traffic is light and it's not quite as
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windy right now any way as it was yesterday. move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic looks good coming across the bridge into san francisco. and the commute in san jose northbound 280 that traffic looks good as you drive up to highway 17. it's 4:37. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very stable pattern. few high clouds coming by and some patchy fog. but it's a very dry air mass over us. and the breeze has tailed off considerably as sal just said. occasionally we get the higher clouds but overall a sunny day, calm for many. west wind at fairfield. san jose southeast at 5. nothing compared to yesterday. 30s though. you lose the wind and the temperatures take a tumble. 33 fairfield. 34 napa. 34 santa rosa. upper 30s for san raphael. mountain view at 38. redwood city 39. mountain view at 38 you know it's a calm pattern. 48 though in san francisco. occasionally some higher clouds just drop down. there's a lot out here. you can take a look.
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that's a whopper of a system stretching all the way down to the hawaiian islands, but then you can see the bend in the clouds and that's high pressure saying not here. so sunny and mild. colder morning. still breezy in the hills but not as windy as yesterday. we've lost the pressure gradient as the high moves off. it's a much more stable pattern. 50s for some, 60s for others. low to mid-60s. the reason why we're cooler than yesterday is we're starting off colder. doesn't look like much of a change. maybe patchy fog returning and overall temperatures warming up. pretty nice here. but in the midwest people are waking up to bitter cold temperatures as they dig out from that massive snowstorm. about an hour ago chicago's lake shore drive reopened. that's after being closed for more than 30 hours. the storm system which stretched more than 2,000 miles has left the midwest and northeast under two feet of snow. at least 12 deaths are being blamed on that storm. san francisco airport is warning that weather-related
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delays could last for days. chicago's o'hare airport is working to return to normal. but at this point only a limited number of flights will take off and depart from there this morning with more expected later today. thousands of people have been stranded after 13,000 flights across the country have been canceled. now, again, you are encouraged to call ahead to your airline if you are headed to the airport today. call it great sportsmanship. the unlikely group that's now trying to save a uc berkeley sports program from being eliminated. needs work to bay area for years now he's behind bars accused of molesting five girls. the reason investigators say there could be many more victims. good morning. westbound 24 looking pretty good on the way to the tunnel. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. little patchy fog on the marin and so know ma coast. 30s and 40s. end up with sunshine and low to mid-60s. a search is underway this morning for a gunman who shot a man in a hayward parking lot in broad daylight. the victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds but police say his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. now the suspect's car is being described as a white
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lexus with a california license plate beginning with the number 6. investigators say the gunman may have been wearing a gray or black hooded sweatshirt. there's a new effort underway to arm san francisco police officers with tasers. interim police chief tells us in response to three recent officer-involved shootings. >> it's my obligation to equip my officers with the best technology and the best equipment that we can use. and in some instances i think the tasers can be used in replace of the firearm. >> he plans to make a formal presentation on february 23rd and ask the police commission to approve a study on the use of tasers. last year the police commission narrowly rejected a similar proposal but since then some commission members have changed their minds. who should pay for security at at&t park? that's the question some are asking this morning as the police union says staffing and finances have both become
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pressing issues. for example, for the giants 81 home games it cost $324,000 for security. last night during our 10:00 news, the union president told us it's time for teams to start pitching in financially. he says outdoor security at 49er or giants games are a drain on the police department. >> in some districts we've got maybe three radio cars on a shift and we're taking one of those out of service and sending them down to the giants. >> the giants say they do pay for police security inside the stadium. they also say this is the first time they've heard there's a problem saying "it's inconsistent" agreement we have with the city that is tied to our privately financed ballpark ." the younger brother of san francisco giants outfielder is headed to jail. he was convicted of drunk driving in connection with a hit -- a series of hit-and-run crashes in danville in august. police say he hit and injured a
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bicyclist and a pedestrian and ran into two cars and a light pole. he was driving with an expired license. he was sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation. well, uc berkeley's rug by program is getting help from one of its biggest rivals. former stanford alumni are raising money to save the program. they're doing it to honor an old friend who was a coach at cal. so far they've raised $35,000. uc berkeley is expected to make a decision on whether to reinstate the rug by, baseball, gymnastic and lacrosse teams by tomorrow. starting next week, all teachers at helms middle school in san pablo will have to reapply for their jobs and up to half of them will be replaced at a school board meeting last night some teachers spoke out against the plan. it's called the turn around model and it was adopted by the west contra costa unified school district after helms was identified by the state as a
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low achieving school. >> is it controversial? of course. obviously veteran teachers don't like the fact they have to re-apply and some issues around tenure may not be on the table anymore. this is a change in the state of california but people want to see education improve. >> 60% of our staff is already new in the past two years. and i feel like we have a good group of teachers that is already working hard and willing to do the extra work to turn our school around. >> under the turn around model helms is required to transfer up to 50% of its teachers to other schools. a counselor at an after school child care program in san jose is behind bars this morning. 25-year-old keith wood house accused of molesting five girls under his care. investigators say the children are all under the age of 10. prosecutors say he molested them in a classroom at trace elementary school. that's the same san jose school that was burned by an arsonist last july. investigators say he worked
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with kids for years and there could be many more victims. well, the young survivor of a deadly oakland fire is now getting some help. 7-year-old allison was rescued from the burning apartment on 82nd avenue in december. her mother, her 3-year-old sister and a neighbor did not survive that fire. now firefighters are hoping that a newly established fund will help allison recover a bit from this tragedy. you too can make a donation. we have a link set up. we will have that set up later this morning on our website at it will be under the web links section. today is the day a lot of iphone fans have been waiting for. it is the first chance to order an iphone 4 that works on the verizon system. we just checked and verizon is not releasing any numbers yet. but the my verizon website has been accepting orders since about midnight our time. they will be delivered on or before next thursday when the phones go on sale at apple, verizon and best buy stores.
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prices start at $200. well, in just a few hours a retired warship is scheduled to pull into a vallejo dry dock. that will lead to more than 100 new jobs at the island. the ship has been anchored as part of the reserve fleet. it will be the first ship to be taken apart at that island in decades. until now the moth ball fleet ships have been taken to texas to be pulled apart and recycled. >> makes so much more sense to bring them here six miles away than to burn 500,000 gallons of diesel fuel to drag them to texas. >> it also means as many as 120 new jobs as ship recycling starts on the west coast. there are 50 ships in that fleet. and so far there are contracts to take apart only two of them at the dry docks. but everyone that will translate into millions of dollars for the local economy. some very important work is being done on one of san
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francisco's reservoirs. the university reservoir located west of highway 101 and south of interstate 280 is the city's second largest. our ktvu channel 2 camera was able to get this exclusive look at the reservoir and some of the work being done. it looks like a huge parking garage because it's been drained of the 60 million- gallons of water that it would hold under normal circumstances. it survived all the bay area's big earthquakes since 1855. and two years worth of seismic retrofitting work that should help keep that record in tact is just about to finish. >> you're going to be some of the last people to see this because we're not going to empty out every few years. >> in fact, it's been more than 60 years since the north basin of the reservoir was drained. workers say it was in surprisingly good shape. now starting in april engineers will release water back into that reservoir. well, looking for signs of cancer. amazing new research that suggests man's best friend may be able to help you and your
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doctor. and what would you do if you were riding on a bus and saw another passenger lighting up a crack pipe?
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welcome back to the morning news. take a look at this. dramatic pictures this morning from australia after the aftermath of that cyclone that swept through queensland. winds of up to 170 miles per hour tore apart hundreds of homes and snapped power poles. this was the most powerful cyclone ever recorded in the country's history. amazingly though there are no reports of any deaths so far. you'd think most people would get uncomfortable riding a muni train with someone smoking crack, but doesn't appear to be bothering the san francisco riders in this youtube video. take a look. it was shot just two days ago. the video shows a passenger
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sprawled on the floor of a crowded train lighting up what appears to be a crack pipe. there are dozens of muni passengers around him doing nothing. >> i think it's just san francisco. nobody comments. i think if it was in new york you get a bit of a different reaction. >> i don't know if i would really get that involved myself to be honest because it's kind of difficult to say what the ramifications might be. >> muni says it does everything possible to keep its riders in line and its passengers safe. at the same time, muni also relies on passengers to let people know when there is illegal activity. all right. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. how does it look, sal? looks okay, pam. right now traffic is moving along okay if you are on highway 4 westbound coming up on the willow pass grade th no major problems. also this morning we're looking pretty good here at the toll plaza. there are no major winds to report on the bridges including the bay bridge.
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and the morning commute looks good on san francisco freeways northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. what's the weather going to be like today? let's go to steve. sal, thank you. it will be nice. we have a little bit of patchy fog on the san mateo -- excuse me, on the marin and sonoma coast. fog free everywhere else. temperatures will continue to warm up. as sal touched on hardly even any in the higher elevations. much different pattern today. that means the lows have tailed off. so sonoma's 36. stanford 37. pleasanton 38. fairfield's down to 33. and so is livermore. there's some colder air in place. 40s to upper 40s closer to the coast. high pressure though says you know that looks good out there but it's not coming in our direction. that's a lot of cloud cover stretching all the way to the hawaiian islands but it goes up and over. sunny and mild weather. few high clouds. but a colder morning. little breeze in the hills later on. there are a few localized areas where that happens.
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but highs today upper 50s for some and low to mid-60s for others. we're starting off so much colder this morning than yesterday which is why temperatures can't be much warmer. but they will on friday and we'll carry that into the weekend. thank you, steve. there's new evidence this morning that dogs may be able to detect early stages of cancer. in a japanese study, researchers used dogs with more than 300 volunteers. they found the animals had a 95% accuracy rate of sniffing out cancer. researchers say this may be due to certain chemicals found in cancers that can be detected by a dog's sensitive nose. what was supposed to be a fun science retreat for school kids took a disconcerning turn late last night. the live picture in novato where some of those kids go to school. one by one the students started getting sickful we'll tell you what camp counselors did to try to stop the illness from spreading. also more on a horrifying case where a school principal was gunned down on campus. the suspect, a school janitor.
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the motive, police are looking into this morning.
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how kids from three different elementary schools at schools across the bay area all got sick together. the streets of cairo remain
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tense this morning after a rare apology from the egyptian prime minister. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's thursday february 3rd. i'm pam cook. and i'm mike. dave clark has the day off. quick look at weather and traffic. we'll begin first with steve. thank you very much. skies are mostly clear. patchy fog on marin and sonoma coast. that's it. sunshine but much colder this morning. lots of 30s. we'll struggle to get back to where we were yesterday. sunny with highs low to mid- 60s. here's sal. steve, right now traffic is moving okay on westbound 9 as you drive out to the high-rise. no major problems there. the commute looks good. look at the bay bridge coming into the city. it's a nice drive. now back to the desk. we are following overnight news involving dozens of sick bay area ol


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